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Artwork Design   Service  Standard Priority

Category A


  • Color and/or text changes to existing vector files
  • Vectorization of simple logos (one image, text of no more than four words)
  • Files formatted in different versions and sizes
  • Virtual samples of logos on promotional items
$48.00 $72.00

Category B


  • Vectorization of more complex logos
  • Recreation of artwork containing one or more rare/unusual fonts
  • Recreation of text-heavy artwork
  • Creating new artwork from 2 or more pre-existing vector artworks / Combining twoimages into one
$78.00 $120.00

Category C


  • Creation of logo or design work from client's instructions includes: sketches, ideas, reference material, etc
  • Vectorization of complicated logos (multiple images, difficult text)
  • Reproduction of gradients
$108.00 $168.00

Category D


  • Vectorization of logo or design work containing illustrations, cartoons, etc
  • Creation of simple marketing materials (single sided flyers, business cards, etc.)
  • Fonts that must be recreated from scratch
  • Creation of simple illustrations from client's sketch or reference material
$152.00 $228.00

Category E

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  • Creation of a new logo with up to 3 different options from the artist
  • Vectorization of complicated artwork (paintings, photographs, etc.)
  • Vectorization of logos or artwork with mulitple challenging images
  • Creation of complex design work client's sketch or reference materials
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